Mundito Development Toys is company which develops emotional and therapeutic products and games in Spanish. Pioneer in this field, MunditoDT was created by Constanza Bordagorry and Nicolás Barceló.

Our company was developed to respond to the need and constant demand from the Hispanic community for emotional and therapeutic tools in their language.
MunditoDT opens its doors on 2007 to the Hispanic community and professionals that work with Spanish speaking families, giving them a hand in the difficult task of raising more stable and happier children.

The main difference between our products and others you may find in the market, is that our games are not simply translations of existing products in the English language. Our tools have been thoughtfully created to properly suit issues and situations related to our culture, in our language.

In addition, MunditoDT is not only focused on giving support to professionals that work with children; we are also interested in offering direct help and support to families and parents.

Between multiples benefits of these products in the family setting is to help parents and adults to talk and treat conflictive topics, which may not happen during daily interactions. In addition the games strengthens the family bond and increases communication. On other hand, in the mental health setting, these products allow a less intimidating approach, and a more comfortable incorporation of families to the therapeutic world.
We invite you to explore our products, hoping to be a real and concrete help.