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  • conectadosConectados


    Material to address basic social skills, ideal for children with ASD

  • Ruleta alternativaRuleta alternativa

    Ruleta alternativa

    To help and address behavioral problems and impulsivity in children

  • Bullying S.O.SBullying S.O.S

    Bullying S.O.S

    A roulette game  to help children to be inform, prevent and cope with bullying

  • Bingo explosivoBingo Explosivo

    Bingo explosivo

    Has been designed to address and treat aggression, anger and negative behaviors

  • Hablemos jugandoHablemos jugando

    Hablemos jugando

    Has been developed to facilitate and deepen, the therapeutic process

  • Yo y mis pensamientosYo y mis pensamientos

    Yo y mis pensamientos

    It  facilitates the expression of  thoughts and cognitionns

  • Yo y mis relaciones socialesYo y mis relaciones sociales

    Yo y mis relaciones sociales

    That addresses themes related to social relationships