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  • conectadosConectados


    Material to address basic social skills, ideal for children with ASD

  • plenamenteplenamente


    Child mindfulness activities game, to be used in different settings

  • Hablemos jugandoHablemos jugando

    Hablemos jugando

    Has been developed to facilitate and deepen, the therapeutic process

  • Yo y mis miedosYo y mis miedos

    Yo y mis miedos

    Facilitates the expression of children’s thoughts and feelings regarding their fears

  • Yo y mis pensamientosYo y mis pensamientos

    Yo y mis pensamientos

    It  facilitates the expression of  thoughts and cognitionns

  • Body UpBody Up

    Body up

    Expression and therapeutic movement card game based on children’s yoga concepts

  • familia trapo sexuadafamilia trapo sexuada

    Familia de trapo sexuada

    Tool to address family issues, identity and roles, ideal for therapists

  • Niño y niñaniño de trapo

    Niño y niña

    Therapeutic tool to be use in interventions with children and adults

  • Familia de trapoFamilia de trapo

    Familia de trapo

    This is a popular tool used in therapeutic interventions with children and adults

  • TitiridedosTitiridedos


    The titiridedos allow developing greater creativity and expression

  • Persona azulPersona azul

    Persona Azul

    Used to express verbally and physically aggressive fantasies and role-playing

  • Caja de arenaCaja de arena

    Caja de arena

    Is a tool used by therapists worldwide as projective instrument