Afiche de las Emociones
Afiche de las emociones
7 June, 2013
Afiche Bullying
Afiche Anti Bullying
7 June, 2013
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Afiche de las emociones faces

Tool to work emotions in Spanish and English

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The poster is a useful tool for mental health professionals, parents, teachers and people who work with children in general. This poster of emotions is made with real children expressing different emotions. This tool can be used in different ways to work emotions. On one side, it allows the child to express what he / she is feeling in a playful and simple way, it also serves as a starting point to be able to delve into relevant conversations with the children. On the other side, it allows to work basic emotional skills, including the recognition of emotions, emotional expression and empathy among others. Useful for different contexts such as children’s office, games room, bedrooms and classroom. The poster reminds us that emotions and feelings are normal, the important thing is what we do with them and how we express them.

Age: +2 years

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