Mi familia ha cambiado
Mi familia ha cambiado
7 June, 2013
Simplón; un amigo diferente
7 June, 2013
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Aractina aprende a decir adiós

Helps children process and cope with the loss of a loved one

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Aractina is a little spider who has a normal and happy life until she has to deal with the loss of her grandmother. Her parents and friends will teach her to cope and accept this change and to discover ways to feel better to help overcome this situation. The Aractina’s story helps children process and cope with the loss of a loved one. At the same time, the story gives adults a tool to support children throughout these types of situations. The book includes an adult/parental guide.

Age: 2 years old and up
Included: Introduction manual for adults.

Hard cover book, dimensions 7.87×7.78. Introduction and parental guide included.
Authors: M. Acuña M/ C. Bordagorry A./ N. Barceló G.
Illustration: Team MunditoDT
Graphic design: CABU

Additional information
Weight 0135 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 0.4 cm

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