Niño y niña
Niño y niña
7 June, 2013
Aprendo a cuidarme
Aprendo a cuidarme
7 June, 2013
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Familia de trapo sexuada

Tool to address family issues, identity and roles, ideal for therapists

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The size of the dolls are: 11,5-10,2 inches parents and grandparents, children 7,9 inches and 4 inches aprox. the baby. They have adequate measures to be used in dollhouses. Manipulating the dolls, the child can project the vision he has of his family, and his relationship with respect to roles, gender and sexuality. It is a suitable tool to address broad family issues, dynamics and roles. Likewise, dolls can be used to treat and repair the problems identified by the therapist and strengthen roles. Ideal tool for children or family therapists.

Additional information
Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 28 x 14 x 24 cm

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