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The emotional development of our children is a primary task in our work as parents, caregivers and professionals who work with children.
Mundito Development Toys, has been concerned with delivering the right tools to facilitate the integral development of children,
through therapeutic games specially designed for the work of parents and professionals.

Our products will be a support to improve family communication, the emotional development
of children and strengthen attachment between parents and children.
They make the incorporation of families, especially children, into the therapeutic world more welcoming.
They facilitate the therapeutic relationship and, in many cases, are key in the work of the specific problems of children.



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  • conectadosConectados


    Material to address basic social skills, ideal for children with ASD
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Mis Grandes Ideas Adolescentes

    Cards for Emotional Development and Expression
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • mindfulness en familiamindfulness en familia

    Mindfulness en familia

    Family mindfulness exercises calendar. With 41 practices, 1 for each day.
    DLS: $14.95 Aprox.

  • plenamenteplenamente


    Child mindfulness activities game, to be used in different settings
    DLS: $44,95 Aprox.

  • La Llave Maestra

    Therapeutic game to address negative thoughts and cognitive errors.
    DLS: $44,95 Aprox.

  • Ruleta alternativaRuleta alternativa

    Ruleta alternativa

    To help and address behavioral problems and impulsivity in children
    DLS: $46,95 Aprox.

  • Bullying S.O.SBullying S.O.S

    Bullying S.O.S

    A roulette game  to help children to be inform, prevent and cope with bullying
    DLS: $46,95 Aprox.

  • Bingo Anti estrésBingo Anti estrés

    Bingo Antiestrés

    Game that has been designed to address and treat child anxiety and stress
    DLS: $46,95 Aprox.

  • Bingo explosivoBingo Explosivo

    Bingo explosivo

    Has been designed to address and treat aggression, anger and negative behaviors
    DLS: $46,95 Aprox.

  • Hablemos jugandoHablemos jugando

    Hablemos jugando

    Has been developed to facilitate and deepen, the therapeutic process
    DLS: $59,95 Aprox.

  • Hablemos jugando en familiaHablemos jugando en familia

    Hablemos jugando en familia

    Has been developed for parents and other caregivers for children and adolescents
    DLS: $59,95 Aprox.

  • Soy y SientoSoy y Siento

    Soy y siento

    A tool to help identify, process and work with a variety of feelings and emotions
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • Mis grandes ideasMis grandes ideas

    Mis grandes ideas

    To develop creativity and communication skills in children
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • Yo y mi autoestimaYo y mi autoestima

    Yo y mi autoestima

    That addresses a variety of themes related to self-esteem
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • Yo y mis miedosYo y mis miedos

    Yo y mis miedos

    Facilitates the expression of children’s thoughts and feelings regarding their fears
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • Yo y mis pensamientosYo y mis pensamientos

    Yo y mis pensamientos

    It  facilitates the expression of  thoughts and cognitionns
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • Yo y mis relaciones socialesYo y mis relaciones sociales

    Yo y mis relaciones sociales

    That addresses themes related to social relationships
    DLS: $23,95 Aprox.

  • soy y siento facessoy y siento faces

    Soy y siento Faces

    A tool to help identify, process and work with a variety of feelings and emotions
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Cuerpos al límiteCuerpos al límite

    Cuerpos al límite

    To educate, prevent and address issues related to eating disorders and obesity
    DLS: $44,95 Aprox.

  • Body UpBody Up

    Body up

    Expression and therapeutic movement card game based on children’s yoga concepts
    DLS: $44,95 Aprox.

  • Desenrollando la lengua PL PRDesenrollando la lengua PL PR

    Desenrollando la lengua PL – PR

    To help the realization of praxis and proper articulation of sinfones / PL-PR
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Desenrollando la lengua BL BRDesenrollando la lengua BL BR

    Desenrollando la lengua BL – BR

    To help the realization of praxis and proper articulation of sinfones / BL BR
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • desenrollando la lengua R vocalesdesenrollando la lengua R vocales

    Desenrollando la lengua R + vocales

    To help the realization of praxis and proper articulation of the phoneme / R and vowels
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Desenrollando la lengua rDesenrollando la lengua r

    Desenrollando la lengua R + consonantes

    This card game has been developed to help the realization of praxis
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Desenrollando la lengua SDesenrollando la lengua S

    Desenrollando la lengua S

    To help the realization of praxis and proper articulation of the phoneme / S
    DLS: $29,95 Aprox.

  • Afiche BullyingAfiche Bullying

    Afiche Anti Bullying

    To help prevent and address the issue of bullying
    DLS: $13,95 Aprox.

  • afiche de las emociones facesafiche de las emociones faces

    Afiche de las emociones faces

    Tool to work emotions in Spanish and English
    DLS: $13,95 Aprox.

  • Afiche de las Emocionesafiche de las emociones

    Afiche de las emociones

    This poster displays thirty emotions and feelings
    DLS: $13,95 Aprox.

  • ConSienteMenteConSienteMente

    Con Siente Mente

    New tool that addresses tobacco, alcohol and drugs use and abuse in children
    DLS: $44,95 Aprox.

  • CuchoCucho

    Cucho le dice NO al estrés

    Support material to deal with unexpected and stressful changes
    DLS: $15,95 Aprox.

  • SimplónSimplón

    Simplón; un amigo diferente

    Simplon teaches children to accept themselves
    DLS: $15,95 Aprox.

  • Aractinaaractina

    Aractina aprende a decir adiós

    Helps children process and cope with the loss of a loved one
    DLS: $15,95 Aprox.

  • Mi familia ha cambiadoMi familia ha cambiado

    Mi familia ha cambiado

    A tool and guidance to address situations of separation or divorce
    DLS: $9,95 Aprox.

  • Aprendo a cuidarmeAprendo a cuidarme

    Aprendo a cuidarme

    This book will help children identify abusive situations
    DLS: $9,95 Aprox.

  • cojín de las emocionescojín de las emociones

    Cojín de las emociones

    Ideal tool to work emotions in a playful and didactic way. The child can discover, identify and exercise emotional expression
    DLS: $24.95 Aprox.

  • familia trapo sexuadafamilia trapo sexuada

    Familia de trapo sexuada

    Tool to address family issues, identity and roles, ideal for therapists
    DLS: $69.95 Aprox.

  • muñecos de las emocionesmuñecos de las emociones

    Muñecos de las emociones

    Cloth dolls that represent 5 basic emotions: red: anger-rage, blue: sadness, pink: happiness-joy; yellow: disgust / rejection and green: fear-amazement.
    DLS: $28.95 Aprox.

  • Niño y niñaniño de trapo

    Niño y niña

    Therapeutic tool to be use in interventions with children and adults
    DLS: $32,95 Aprox.

  • Familia de trapoFamilia de trapo

    Familia de trapo

    This is a popular tool used in therapeutic interventions with children and adults
    DLS: $41,95 Aprox.

  • TitiridedosTitiridedos


    The titiridedos allow developing greater creativity and expression
    DLS: $26,95 Aprox.

  • Persona azulPersona azul

    Persona Azul

    Used to express verbally and physically aggressive fantasies and role-playing

  • Caja de arena

    Is a tool used by therapists worldwide as projective instrument


    Mi pequeño genio

    DVD of early stimulation for children between 0 and 3 years
    DLS: $8,95 Aprox.